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MUSICBLITZ, a consumer-oriented music company that is redefining the relationships between consumers, artists and record labels, has developed a new set of features designed to give users more control than ever over their privacy and personal information on the Web. At the same time we deliver the best in personalized music recommendations from anywhere online.

While MUSICBLITZ distributes exclusive recordings for free, we do require visitors to provide some information before downloading a song. By getting to know our users better, we can use this information to improve our service. We are also championing a new level of personal user control over the gathering and usage of this data.

Personal Control Panel

In our new Personal Control Panel you can now view all of the information in your MUSICBLITZ profile and personally specify the level of privacy you would like to assign to it. Although we do not share your individual information with third parties unless you explicitly consent to it, we may occasionally report this data in aggregate. The Personal Control Panel allows you to dictate exactly what information you're comfortable with us reporting, or you can request that we not report it at all. Through the Personal Control Panel, all actions that involve your personal data are completely under your control. You can also use it to let us know if you want to receive special offers designed for the MUSICBLITZ community and even specify which advertisers you'd like to receive special offers from and which ones you wouldn't.


We have developed a new system for generating song download recommendations -- your personal BLITZPicks. BLITZPicks recommendations are updated every week based on the musical expertise of the MUSICBLITZ editorial staff, your personal preferences and proprietary technology that we've developed to provide timely, on-target and unique song download recommendations. We hope you'll find that BLITZPicks have a truly personalized feel to them.

Please look through the following pages to become familiar with all of the options available to you in these new features!

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You can access your Personal Control Panel via the link provided on the left-hand
navigation bar at www.musicblitz.com - or go there directly by clicking here.