About Musicblitz

Musicblitz is a popular music entertainment website with content primarily focused on editorial music lists and music information. Looking for some great songs, albums, bands and more from the past, present and future? Look no further than our information-focused music & entertainment content.

The story of Musicblitz begins around 2005 when the website started up as a resource dedicated to information about music and artists. At Musicblitz, artists could promote their music by sharing legal mp3 files, for example. After the demise of mp3 files, the website has been dormant, until we revived it recently.

We re-launched in 2021 and republished all old resources at a best effort approach, after that focusing on new objectives: to create and curate content about new, old and upcoming music, artists and bands, mainly by putting together great thematically arranged top lists.

Musicblitz also provides insights in how to learn to play a lot of instruments, with a main focus on piano and guitar. Some reviews of instruments and software will also be provided.

So, currently, we have mainly expanded into creating music lists and focused our energy primarily on providing entertaining music content for readers to enjoy. While we still produce some skill focused content, we have shifted the bulk of our focus to providing interesting fact and opinion pieces related to all different aspects of music. Now, we operate as a small team that works directly with passionate music lovers and journalists to provide our readers with detailed music insight.

Our content is created by working with journalists and writers across the globe who have unique experiences creating media and/or music content for different publications. We then review, edit and format content to fit our brand’s opinion and publish the content for readers to enjoy. It’s important for us to ensure that every piece of content provides high-value entertainment and intelligent opinion related to Musicblitz’s editorial processes. Everyone involved with content production at Musicblitz has a unique passion for music, whether directly related to various musical skills or simply a hunger to listen to and form knowledgeable opinion on songs, artists, bands, and more.

We also create valuable and informational content centered around:

Guides & Tips: Music is an ever-evolving art form and even seasoned performers have room to grow. We understand the importance of continuing education, which is why we provide resources to all artists regardless of experience and level. Our website is a one-stop shop for musicians, providing useful tips and guides to further increase their knowledge in the craft. Next-level musicians can use our resources as well; in fact, some of our tips are more appropriate for seasoned professionals. All music makers will benefit from visiting us since we strive to be a hub for learning that extends beyond playing songs – it also focuses on refining and expanding musical interests.

Products: Music production is an ever-evolving art form and as such, it’s important that artists are equipped to push boundaries with the right tools. But it’s hard to know what you need when you’re starting out, or even if you’re more experienced. That’s where Musicblitz comes in! We offer top tier round up reviews of different products tailored to each specific genre and craft. Whether you’re a vocalist, producer, DJ or beatmaker, they’ve got your back – ensuring that you always have access to the best tools on the market at prices you can afford. So don’t waste any more time! Check out Musicblitz today and find exactly what you need for your next masterpiece.

About Me, Myself and I

Music has always been a huge part of my life, and I can still remember when I got my first music tape, buying my first vinyl and getting my first CD. I really enjoy going to concerts and music festivals and I always listen to music while working at my dayjob.

Learning to play both the guitar and piano are ways for me to relax and feel good.

I started this website because I always wanted to write and share my take on learning to play piano and guitar and as well as my take on music in general.

Music has the power to change lives, and I am honored to be a small part of that.

Thank you,

Johan ( Founder/Owner )