The Best 5 Alternatives to SubmitHub for Music Promotion

This article focuses on the most popular SubmitHub alternatives for promoting your own music.

If you’ve ever tried to promote your music without a sizable budget, you know how frustrating it can be. There are only so many times you can cold-email promoters and hope for the best.

Social media can help get your music in front of new people, but it’s a time-consuming process with no guarantee of results. That’s where SubmitHub comes in. SubmitHub is a music promotion service that gives indie artists, curators, labels, and bloggers a simple way to connect.

For a small fee, you can submit your music to people who are interested in hearing it. If they like what they hear, they can choose to feature your song on their blog, playlist, or radio show.

Not only does this save you the hassle of searching for contacts and sending emails yourself, it also significantly increases the reach of your music.

In recent years, SubmitHub has become the go-to solution for many independent musicians looking to take their careers to the next level. Thanks to its ease of use and impressive results, SubmitHub is quickly becoming the standard for music promotion.

As with anything that becomes successful, SubmitHub has had its share of criticism. Some accuse it of being too expensive, while others claim the quality of submissions can be inconsistent.

Whatever your reason for wanting to look for an alternative to SubmitHub, you’ll find the perfect solution here.

In this article, we will introduce you to five great platforms that offer similar – and in some cases even better – features than SubmitHub.

Groover – Great For Reaching European Audiences

SubmitHub and Groover are both websites that allow artists to submit their music to various media outlets in hopes of getting exposure. They are similar in many ways, but there are some key differences between the two.

Groover, a SubmitHub alternative
Groover, a SubmitHub alternative

Groover is specifically geared towards European audiences, while SubmitHub is more global. In addition, Groover offers a wider range of services, including playlist submission and social media promotion.

Prices on Groover are also generally lower than on SubmitHub. Ultimately, the decision of which platform to use comes down to personal preference and what type of exposure the artist is hoping to achieve.

Based in France, Groover is focused on the French market but is quickly becoming more international with new influencers from Italy, England, Brazil, and many other countries joining the platform every day.

This makes Groover an ideal option for artists based in Europe or who want to target European audiences. The platform provides a great way to connect with potential fans and build buzz for your music.

With a growing list of influencers and a commitment to connecting artists with their ideal audiences, Groover is a platform that any musician should be on.

To sum it up, Groove is a great alternative to SubmitHub if you want to increase your presence in a new market and have more opportunities for people to find you.


With Groover, you pay €2 per submission. This might seem like a lot, but Groover argues that it actually helps artists be more selective about who they contact. As a result, there’s a higher approval rate, making it worth the extra cost.

SubmitHub, on the other hand, has a lower submission cost but also a lower approval rate. With SubmitHub, you have 2 free credits for every 4 hours or could choose to submit your track with premium credits for either $1, $2, or $3. So in general, SubmitHub is less expensive but also less likely to result in your track being approved.

Once you submit your track, the curator has 7 days to give feedback. If you don’t receive any response within those 7 days, you get your €2 back, which you can spend again on the platform for contacting other influencers. By putting your music in front of tastemakers, you have a better chance of getting spins, getting noticed, and getting signed. So why not give Groover a try? It just might be the best €2 you ever spend.

MusoSoup – Great For Curators

MusoSoup is a great alternative to SubmitHub for a number of reasons. First, it helps artists more effectively market their music.

MusoSoup, similar to SubmitHub
MusoSoup, similar to SubmitHub

Second, it ensures the sustainability of curators by connecting them with different media outlets. Third, it helps to connect artists with different media outlets such as blogs, radios, Spotify playlists, and Youtube channels.

By using MusoSoup, artists can reach a wider audience and get their music heard by more people. In addition, MusoSoup is a great way to support the sustainability of curators as they are able to connect with different media outlets.

What sets MusoSoup apart from other similar platforms is that all tracks are reviewed by the MusoSoup team before being sent to curators.

This ensures that only the highest quality tracks are being promoted, saving both artists and curators time and effort.

In addition, MusoSoup offers a variety of different promotion packages to fit every budget and need. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an seasoned veteran, MusoSoup can help you take your career to the next level.

The company offers a 45-day campaign for each track, during which time curators can approach you with offers of coverage.

This can include full reviews on reputable publications or interviews, and may come with additional costs depending on the type of coverage.

If no curator contacts you within 45 days, MusoSoup provides you with a free coupon for future use, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking for ways to promote your music.

For a one-time payment of £24, artists can submit their music for review by MusoSoup’s team of experts. If the track is approved, it will be included in MusoSoup’s online database, where industry professionals can listen to it and provide feedback.

In addition to connecting artists with potential collaborators, MusoSoup also offers a range of resources and advice on how to promote and sell your music. As a result, it is an invaluable tool for anyone serious about pursuing a career in the music industry.

Daily Playlists – Best Free Alternative

Daily Playlists is an excellent free alternative to SubmitHub for anyone who has run out of premium credits. It’s a quick and easy way to submit your song to multiple playlists with just a few clicks.

DailyPlaylist - promote your music
DailyPlaylist – promote your music

The best part about Daily Playlists is that it’s completely free to use! Even if you decide to pay for the other services on this list, I would still highly recommend using Daily Playlists because it’s such a time-saver.

Thanks to Daily Playlists, gone are the days of spending hours submitting your music to various playlists manually. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to get your music heard, then definitely give Daily Playlists a try!

If you’re a musician looking to get your music on Spotify, Daily Playlists could be a great option for you. With this service, you simply submit your song to the playlists of your choice, and then wait to hear back from them. You can filter the playlists by genre, which makes the process much easier.

Additionally, from the dashboard you can see which playlists have approved or declined your track, which is helpful in keeping track of your submissions.

Although the submission process is quick, it may take longer than other services to hear back from each playlist.

Overall, though, Daily Playlists could be a great (and free) option for getting your music out there on Spotify.

PlaylistStreams – Best Way To Gain More Organic Spotify Streaming

PlaylistStreams allows you to submit your music to the most popular Spotify playlists in your genre, which will get you the maximum exposure and help you grow your fanbase.

They have a team of experts who carefully listen to each track and select only the best ones for their clients’ playlists. This guarantees that your song will be heard by thousands of listeners who are already interested in the type of music you make. In addition, they offer comprehensive feedback on each submission so that you can continue to improve your craft. If you’re serious about getting your music out there, we highly recommend using PlaylistStreams.

PlaylistStreams - grow you Spotify audience
PlaylistStreams – grow you Spotify audience

PlaylistStreams is a great alternative to SubmitHub for people who want to get their music discovered on Spotify.

With PlaylistStreams, you don’t have to choose which curator to submit your song to- they have a network of over 1700 curators across various genres, and they will pitch your track to the relevant and active playlists.

This hand-held approach saves you time and energy, and increases your chances of getting your song accepted onto a playlist. So if you’re looking for an easier way to get your music onto Spotify, give PlaylistStreams a try!

As anyone who’s tried to promote their music on Spotify knows, it’s a tough task. The market is full of scam companies that promising to deliver results, but rarely do.

This is why I was so excited to find PlaylistStreams, a legit Spotify service that focuses on organic Spotify promotion. This is the single most important thing to gain real fans and listeners, and PlaylistStreams delivers.

We’ve been using their service for a few months now, and my music has never sounded better or gotten more exposure. If you’re serious about promoting your music on Spotify, then you need to check out PlaylistStreams.

If you’re serious about taking your music career to the next level, then consider investing in a PlaylistStreams package.

For as little as $199, you can get your music on popular Spotify playlists, reaching hundreds of thousands of new listeners. Not only will this expose your music to a wider audience, but it will also help to build your profile and credibility as an artist.

And if you’re willing tosplash out a bit more cash, the top-tier $1299 package gives you access to even more exclusive playlists, including some with over a million followers. So if you’re ready to take your music career to the next level, PlaylistStreams is definitely worth considering as an alternative to SubmitHub.

PlaylistSearch.Io – Great For Having Direct Contact With Curators

If you’re looking to take your music career to the next level, look no further than PlaylistSearch.Io. This incredible service is designed specifically for Spotify playlist promotion, making it a one-stop shop for anyone looking to boost their performance on this hugely popular streaming platform.


Unlike other Spotify promo services, PlaylistSearch doesn’t allow you to submit your tracks directly to playlists from their site.

Instead, they provide you with the contact details of the curators, giving you the opportunity to reach out and make a direct connection with these important gatekeepers in the music industry.

With access to this valuable information, you can use PlaylistSearch as your tool for breaking through and getting your music on the playlists that matter most. Whether you’re looking expand your reach or build your value as an artist, PlaylistSearch has everything you need to succeed in today’s music scene.

With their easy-to-use interface and access to Spotify’s extensive API, this platform makes it simple to find exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking for a moody hip-hop playlist to get you pumped up before heading out on Friday night or an upbeat indie rock playlist to jam along with on your morning commute, PlaylistSearch has you covered.

But that’s not all. In addition to the ability to search based on genre, follower count, or different keywords, this platform also features a helpful label system that allows you to easily filter out low-quality playlists.

So if a particular playlist seems too good to be true, simply check the label and see if it fits with your intended usage. And with thousands of curated playlists already included in its database, there’s no doubt that PlaylistSearch is the go-to source for all of your music streaming needs.

So why wait? Sign up today and start exploring!

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