Top Piano Books For Adults And Returning Players – Beginners And Intermediate

As an adult it can be tough to either start learning piano as a beginner, or getting back into playing the piano as an intermediate after a long break. You might feel overwhelmed at first, not knowing where to start. But don’t worry – the piano is one of the more forgiving instruments to learn. … Read more

Famous Black Piano Players And Singers Who Changed the Music Scene

There have been many famous black pianists throughout history who have left their mark on the music world. Despite racism and discrimination, these musicians have persevered and created beautiful music that has entertained and inspired people around the globe. In article post, we will take a look at some of the most famous black piano … Read more

The 6 Best Piano Scales Books for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Players

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced pianist, practicing piano scales is essential to improve your technique and understanding of music. Not only do they help with dexterity and hand coordination, but scales also provide a basis for learning pieces of music. While there are many different piano scales books on the market, it can … Read more